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Foundation awards two Halsey Family Scholarships

Foundation awards two Halsey Family Scholarships

The Coastal Georgia Foundation awarded the Halsey Family Scholarship this past Tuesday to two very deserving graduating seniors from Camden County High School, Autumn Coughlin and Bryce Sawyer. The scholarship was established by Jack and Sandy Halsey and recognizes students from Camden County pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in either a Biological or Physical Sciences field or pursuing the Music or Music Education field. The $4,000-per-year award is in recognition of the significant influence that both science and music education and research had on both of the Halseys’ lives.

Ms. Coughlin will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall to study Music Performance. “Autumn is committed to excellence that is represented on a report card or stage, and also displays a thirst for knowledge and expertise,” said high school Director of Choral Studies Lisa Wolfe. “She will make the most of any and all opportunities that are afforded to her.”

Mr. Sawyer will be attending University of Georgia in the fall to study Biophysics. “Bryce is an all-around amazingly hard working young man who aspires to be a Pathologist and work in the medical field,” says teacher Ivy McGovern. “If his college career resembles his high school career then I feel certain he will achieve great things.”

“We are thrilled to support these talented young people in their science and music pursuits,” says Paul White, President and CEO of the Coastal Georgia Foundation. “The Halseys had the idea for this scholarship so they could give back to Camden County and especially to the young people who are our future. We are thankful for their partnership and their vision.”

The Coastal Georgia Foundation manages four annual scholarships for college students. For more information about these opportunities, please visit