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Donation Creates Legacy Fund for Local Libraries

The Brunswick News, Ga. - August 8, 2023

Donation creates Legacy Fund for local libraries

Lauren McDonald, The Brunswick News, Ga.

A recent donation to Marshes of Glynn Libraries led to the creation of a new fund that will support the library's ongoing positive impact in the Golden Isles.

Geri Mullis, Director of the county library system, was still riding the high of other good news the library received this year when a patron phoned her to discuss supporting the library in a significant way.

Marshes of Glynn Libraries was named Georgia Library of the Year this year in recognition of the important work the library does at its Brunswick and St. Simons locations. Later in the spring, Georgia Pacific donated $20,000 to the library for archival projects to commemorate the 85th anniversary of Brunswick Cellulose.

Her excitement had yet to fade when she received the call from the library patron a few months ago. The caller wished to discuss the creation of a fund designated to safeguarding the positive impact of the Marshes of Glynn Libraries.  The person was willing to donate $25,000 to kickstart the endeavor but asked to remain anonymous.  The result of that conversation is a newly established Legacy Fund for the Marshes of Glynn Public Libraries. It will be managed with support from the Coastal Georgia Community Foundation.  "We are so grateful to the donor for their generous gift," Mullis said. "This fund will make a real difference in the Marshes of Glynn Libraries' ability to serve the community for years to come."

Soon after learning of the patron's interest in donating, Mullis conferred with the Marshes of Glynn Libraries trustees before contacting Laura Moore, Chief Financial and Operations officer of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation.  Moore suggested setting up a designated fund that the foundation would manage. The foundation set up a similar fund for Woodbine Public Library in Camden County in 2022. Establishing and running a fund like this can require significant resources, Moore said.

Keeva Kase, President and CEO of the Coastal Georgia Communities Foundation, said the Legacy Fund for the library "will be a structure for people to show their appreciation for and support of library services well into the future."  Mike Martin, an attorney at Gilbert Harrell, will chair the Legacy Fund.  "The first goal is to raise awareness of the fund so it can grow to support future book acquisitions and programming needs," he said.

Public library funding options are different around the state. Marshes of Glynn Libraries has three primary funding sources — Glynn County, the state and donations and grants.  "Having another source is a blessing," Mullis said.  Those wishing to support the Legacy Fund can donate online at Marshes of Glynn Libraries Fund

They also can contact the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation at 912-268-4442 or