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2023 Winners: Halsey Music and Science Scholarships

The Halsey Family Scholarship Fund of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation (CCGF) awarded four Science Scholarships to outstanding students from Camden County High School.  The scholarships provide a total of $8,000 over two years to each student based on continued progress.

This year’s 2023 Halsey Family Scholarship recipients are:

Keira Mapel - Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Aerospace Engineering

Caitlin Shupe - University of Georgia majoring in Biochemical and Molecular Sciences

Alexis Staklinski - University of Central Florida majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Clary Minnick - University of Georgia majoring in Cellular Biology (Pre-Med)

Pictured from left to right, following CCHS Awards Night: Jack Halsey, Alexis Staklinski, Caitlin Shupe, Clary Minnick, Keira Mapel and Keeva Kase, President and CEO of the Foundation.

2023 Halsey Scholarships wo names