Grantmaking - General Information

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The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation (CCGF) knows the importance of strong nonprofit agencies serving the people of our community.  The mission, strength and effectiveness of nonprofits contribute to the artisitic vibrancy of our communities, the health of our children, the intellectual power of our citizens, the beauty of our environment and our civic lives.  We applaud you for the strides that are being made and are committed to the common purpose of a better community.

The Community Foundation supports several types of grants to approved charities:

  • Grants recommended by donors from Donor Advised Funds
  • Grants awarded competitively from the unrestricted grantmaking fund - the Coastal Community Endowment
  • Grants from endowed Funds allocated to the purpose determined by the donor(s)
  • Grants from business and community funds
  • Grants from partner philanthropies with which we work

If you represent a nonprofit serving Camden, Glynn, and /or McIntosh counties and are interested in applying for grants awarded competitively, please look at the "Competitive" menu to find out more about this annual grant process.

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