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"Cash bad, non-cash good," says Clontz, charitable giving expert

"Cash bad, non-cash good," says Clontz, charitable giving expert

Bryan Clontz wowed a group of over 25 professional advisors with case studies and examples of complex non cash charitable gifts he's worked on throughout his career. According to Clontz, the average American's balance sheet assets are less than 3% cash, the rest non cash. When it comes to giving, he says, "cash bad, non cash good." Charitably inclined individuals can increase their giving impact if they start to think beyond simply giving cash.

Some examples of good non cash gifts are appreciated stock, real estate, privately held company stock - and, donors could give interests in the aforementioned items, keeping the majority of their holdings. All of these creative solutions offer maximum tax advantages to the individual, and maximum charitable impact to the agency receiving the gift. 

"Your local community foundation is often better suited to receive and manage complex non cash gifts," he said. "The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation can do just about anything your clients and prospective donors need."

For professional advisors or donors looking to learn more about this, take a look at Bryan Clontz's free Noncash Assets book at this link. 

Watch this video for a version of Bryan's full presentation on this important topic (from the Greater New Orleans Foundation):

Bryan Clontz Full Presentation