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Grants for Programs Serving "At Risk Youth"

Foundation Board Members have been busy!  As a result of the 2016 Competitive Grants Process, 16 worthy organizations are being awarded grants.  Here are some of them....

L-R: Geri Mullis-Marshes of Glynn Libraries Director, Jane Lafferty-Marshes of Glynn Libraries Board, Jack Kilgore-CCGF Board


L-R: Jay Mullins-Sr. VP YMCA, Kayce Bradbury-Sr. Program Director YMCA, Sandi Channell and Bonney Shuman-CCGF Board
 YMCA3for web
L-R: Bill Dawson-ISC Board, Jack McConnell Port-As-A-Classroom Director, Valerie Crumpton -ISC Executive Director, Mary Root-CCGF Board
L-R: Eric Davis-GIYO Board, Sandi Channell-CCGF Board, Ann Perse-GIYO Board, Bonney Shuman-CCGF Board


L-R: Sandi Channell-CCGF Board, Lynn Love-CIS Executive Director, Bonney Shuman-CCGF Board


L-R:  Martin Miller and Sandi Channell-CCGF Board, Paul Knowlton-Morningstar CEO


L-R: Tamala Drake-4H Resource Manager, Alex Tracchio-4H Intern GA Southern, Martin Miller-CCGF Board, Tammy Tyre-4H Agent, Sandi Channell-CCGF Board, Sarah Nahum-4H Intern GA Southern


L-R:  Ed Andrews-CCGF Board, Mallory Chappell-Camden County Health Department Nurse Manager, Mary Root-CCGF Board
L-R: Ed Andrews-CCGF Board, Liz Rieling-Camden County CASA Program Manager, Mary Root-CCGF BoardCamdenCasainside
L-R: Bonney Shuman-CCGF Board, Beth Ann Tuerff-Safe Harbor Community and Resource Development Director, Leslie Hartman-Safe Harbor Executive Director and Mike Maloy-CCGF BoardSafeHarbor2016notgreat
L-R: Lucas Ramirez and John Williams, The Gathering Place and Bonney Shuman and Mike Maloy-CCGF BoardGatheringPlace1
L-R: Ed Reilly and Judge Chapman, Glynn County Juvenile Court and CCGF Board Members Bonney Shuman and Mike MaloyGlynnCtyBrdofCommissionersJuvenileCourt
Girls Scouts of Historic Georgia with Bonney Shuman, CCGF Board MemberGirlsScouts2016
Children In Action Sports Club - Summer Program ParticipantsCIA2016
STAR Foundation - Ellen Murphy, Executive Director and CCGF Board Member, Bernard McCloudSTAR2016
CASA Glynn, Inc. - CCGF Board Member, Bernard McCloud and Cary Greenfield, CASA Executive DirectorCASAGLYNN2016