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Baumel Endowment - For Needy Dogs

The Raymond & Elizabeth Baumel and Abernathy Fund for Animal Welfare gives again....

For 40 years as owner of Sadye's, with locations first in downtown Brunswick and later on St. Simons Island, Raymond Baumel helped to advise and clothe local, fashionable women. To them, he was the arbiter of good taste, quiet elegance, and style. Many also fondly remember his wife Elizabeth "Billie" Cowen Baumel, with whom he traveled the world in the hunt for the perfect new styles and jewelry to bring back to the women of the Golden Isles. Also remembered was a succession of "Abernathy" Yorkshire Terriers - each one, in his time, a permanent fixture at Raymond's feet by his desk at the store.

In Raymond's generosity, he always reached out to those who needed a hand. He had a special place in his heart for abandoned or abused dogs. When Raymond died, he sought through his estate to provide for "dog" welfare here in coastal Georgia for generations to come. He established the Raymond & Elizabeth Baumel and Abernathy Fund for Animal Welfare at the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation and in doing so, has created a lasting legacy - as well as a permanent income stream - for the care and sheltering of stray and unwanted dogs, from the interest earned on the endowment.

For 10 years, this endowed fund has been making grants to nonprofits in Glynn County.  This year - 3 very worthy organizaitons received grants to support and provide for "man's best friend" in their time of need: Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia, Glynn County Animal Services, and No Kill Glynn County.

 The Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia

humane society 2

Pictured L-R: Ellen Post [CCGF Grants & Gifts Manager], Staci Bennett [HSSCG Board President], and Gracie Redden [HSSCG Adoption Manager]

both dogs featured above are available for adoption - Remi (seated) + Ava (standing)

Glynn County Animal Services, Inc.


glynn county animal

Pictured above:  Lori Austin [GCAS Division Manager] and adoptable, sweet Scooby

 No Kill Glynn County, Inc.

No Kill Caroline Blackshear President and Dog Coordinator

Pictured above: Shelly Bydlinski [NKGC President] and Caroline Blackshear [NKGC Vice President & Dog Coordinator]