Rising Seas Bert Roughton - Student Interviews

Rising Seas, The Next Generation Speaks

Bert Roughton, award-winning journalist and retired Senior Managing Editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and St. Simons resident, took the issue of rising sea levels to three dynamic young people from within our local Coastal Georgia community to get their thoughts on this growing environmental, economic, and political issue and hear how they are committed to reversing the trends. Mackenzie Buck, Monty Rutherford Hughes, and Catie Fenstermaker were all fortunate to take classes in high school that have ignited their passion for environmental issues, and they are all active with area non-profits to put that energy to work. 

 Their conversation is a compelling look at how the next generation of leaders views this growing environmental, economical, and political issue that they will inherit and how they are committed to reversing some of these trends. As Catie Fenstermaker says, "I am not expecting perfection, but I am expecting effort". Please take a moment to watch this very engaging and inspiring 34-minute Zoom conference.