Discuss your clients' overall philanthropic goals to define their objectives.  Where would they like their gift to have an impact?  How involved do they want to be in the grantmaking process?  Do they want to involve the whole family?

Define your clients' financial objectives.  How much can they afford to give?  What kind of tax benefits are they seeking?  Do they want to give an outright gift now or a planned gift or both?  What assets will they use to establish their fund?

Determine the type of fund and structure that best suits their needs. Select a name for their fund and complete a new fund agreement.  If a fund that meets their needs already exists, they may simply contribute to that fund without completing an agreement and creating a new fund.  This may be a good option for clients who wish to remain anonymous or who may not be able to meet a minimum dollar amount to begin a new fund.

Once they make their gift, their new fund will be established or the amount will be added to the fund they have designated.  The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation takes responsibility for tax reporting, check writing, and all other fund and grant administration.  Your client will receive a quarterly fund statement and, in the case of a Donor Advised Fund, may make recommendations for grants to the Foundation at any time.

Our staff is here with comprehensive assistance at any point along the way.  It is our pleasure to work with you and your clients to facilitate their giving.  Please contact us at any time for more information.

The Client Wins: Clients receive individualized charitable counsel that supplements your advice and recommendations, at no cost to them.  Clients are able to continue to support charities that are important to them, both now and for the future while they realize a positive impact on their current financial situation and in their estate plan.


The Advisor Wins: Our staff provides you with professional, customized counsel while you retain your client relationship and offer them a wide range of planning strategies and implementation options.

The Community Wins: The community receives additional funds that benefit area nonprofit organizations and support important efforts throughout Coastal Georgia.

The Community Foundation Wins: Through assisting donors in achieving their charitable goals and the funding needs of area nonprofit organizations, the Foundation continues its mission to improve the quality of life here in Coastal Georgia.

The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation has experience assisting philanthropic individuals and families with the creation of charitable legacies.  We offer a variety of benefits to both you and your clients.

Customized Giving: We can customize charitable giving vehicles for individuals, including donors with complicated objectives and complex gifts.  See our Donors tab for types of funds. The Foundation also has a flexible gift acceptance policy and can accept gifts of appreciated securities-including closely-held and S-corp stock, retirement funds, charitable lead and remainder trusts, and real property.  See our Giving Options.


Knowledgable Staff:  Our staff is dedicated to helping your client establish a philanthropic giving plan with an effective grantmaking program.

Maximum Deductibility:  Because we are a public and not a private charity, your clients' contributions qualify for the maximum deductible allowed by the IRS for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

Optional Anonymity: We guarantee your clients' anonymity, if they so choose, in establishing a fund through the Foundation or in making a grant to their favorite charity.

Professionally Managed Investments: Our professionally managed investment portfolio ensures our fundholders access to a greater variety of investment options, consistent investment policy execution and economies of scale through pooled investments.  Your client can feel secure in the fiduciary oversight of our Investment Committee, Board, and Investment Management Team.

Simplified Administration: Working with the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation to implement your clients' planned gift alleviates the burden of record keeping, IRS reporting and potentially complicated trust administration.

We are happy to help you find the best way to meet your clients' charitable and financial goals while maximizing tax benefits.

What to Give: Cash, securities, life insurance, retirement plans are only some of the assets clients can use to start a fund or make a donation.

How to Give: Outright gifts, bequests (see Planned Giving - Legacy Society in the Donors section), Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts are all possible vehicles for making a gift to the Community Foundation.

Where to Give: Donor-advised funds, field of interest funds, agency or named funds, Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation makes it simple for you and your clients to create or contribute to a fund that matches their vision.

Legacy Society: If you have clients who plan to leave a gift to Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation through their will or estate plan, we invite them to join our "Legacy Society".