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2019-2021 Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation met in early September 2018 to review its achievements against its 2015 - 2018 strategic plan. Together, they set out the path for the next three years.

The 2019-2021 Plan will continue to focus on three core thematic goals established previously. They are

Sustainability: Creating lasting value for donors and the community through sound organizational management, and strong asset development and investment.

Scope and Scale: Grow the Foundation's regional impact through work with nonprofit organizations, professional advisors and other philanthropy partners. 

Significance: Strengthening the relevance and role of the Foundation’s work in our communities through strategic messaging, prominent public exposure and consistent brand positioning.

The coming few years are pivotal. We are intensely committed to continuing to forward our mission of strengthening our communities through engaged philanthropy. 

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2015-2018 Strategic Plan