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Support Youth Development Initiative

There are many ways to support the Youth Development Initiative through the Coastal Georgia Foundation. If you don't see an option below that meets your needs and passions, contact us and we can thinking creatively together. 

Early Childhood Literacy Endowment

Recognizing that literacy is simply the very best investment in a community’s quality of life and economic development that one can make, this fund supports efforts in coastal Georgia to ensure that children are ready to read and ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten. Grants will be made for programs that foster and encourage early education and literacy efforts for those from birth through age five.

Give to the Early Childhood Literacy Endowment

Coastal Community Endowment

This permanent fund supports and will continue to support for future generations, a broad range of identified community needs from feeding the hungry, educating youth, protecting our coastal environment, nourishing the arts, revitalizing neighborhoods to a myriad of social services and much, much more.

Give to the Coastal Community Endowment

Unrestricted Support

The Coastal Georgia Foundation receives generous unrestricted support from the Coastal Georgia community throughout the year. These dollars go directly towards our efforts to strengthen philanthropy in this region and focus on strategic initiatives that improve quality of life for Coastal Georgians. 

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