The Power of Endowment

tree plantingA half century ago, Paul Cesarz made a choice that continues to benefit his community today.  He created an endowed fund in 1952 with $150,000 in assets.  The fund immediately began earning income and distributing grants to causes important to him.  Fifty years later and 35 years after Paul's death, the Cesarz Fund had grown to $1,066,003.  And in that 50th year, it generated more than $50,000 in grants, supporting a range of community needs--a park renovation, a museum exhibit, cancer research, and more.  Because Paul chose to endow his gift, he has enabled more than $1.1 million in grants to go to his community--almost eight times the impact he would have made by giving the original gift to charity all at once.  And though Paul has passed away, the fund in his name will go on supporting his community, leaving a lasting legacy.

Think about what such a gift could do in our community...... 

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