Sea Island Legacy Fund for Team Member Assistance

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The Sea Island Legacy Fund was established by the Leadership and Membership of Sea Island to help team members facing economic hardship, including those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. By paying a bill(s) to a vendor, utility provider, healthcare provider, etc., on behalf of the team member facing an unexpected crisis, the Fund can significantly lesson the unexpected hardships and allow them to recover more quicklyThe word “legacy” was chosen for a reason. It is the hope that Team Members who receive this financial assistance will be able to continue to find their work home on Sea Island, thereby maintaining the superior commitment and service associated with Sea Island-further preserving the Legacy of Sea Island for generations to come. 

To date, 15 requests for assistance have been submitted by team members, with these being a representation: 

  • A family with multiple team members was affected by COVID-19.  Due to quarantine requirements, this family fell behind on expenses and the Legacy Fund assisted them by paying their utility bills keeping them in good standing and not further adding to their stress. 
  • A team member with children  whose work schedule was reduced due to COVID-19 was forced to secure a Title Loan to help cover her expenses. The Legacy Fund   helped  by paying off her high interest loan and helping her to consolidate  and reduce monthly expenses. 
  • A team member recently had to move in with his disabled mother to support her medical needs  when she  lost her healthcare benefits. Rent assistance was  provided  to help them during this time. 
  • A team member developed a chronic medical condition requiring several extensive, major surgeries creating a serious financial situation for her. While she has made positive adjustments to manage the mounting medical expenses,  the Fund is  aiding with the payment of out-of-pocket medical bills. 
  • A couple, who both work for Sea Island, had to use all their savings to pay bills and needed help as their income continued to be impacted.  Rent assistance was provided. 
  • A 10+ year team member had a personal setback which caused him to seek shelter at a temporary lodging facility. The Legacy Fund is helping him move into a more permanent and affordable housing solution. 
  • A long time team member's wife became seriously ill which impacted her ability to work and resulted in lost wages. The family needed dual salaries to meet their ongoing expenses. The Legacy Fund is in the process of providing rent assistance.  

The Legacy Fund is  held and managed by the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation, and collectively we have partnered with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to manage the application and approval process. By partnering with the Coastal Georgia Foundation, the Legacy Fund can offer the full range of donated asset optionsIf you have an interest in making a contribution to this fund by credit card, you may do so by clicking the link below, or mail your contribution directly to the Foundation offices at 1626 Frederica Road, Suite 201 on St. Simons Island, GA 31522 (please write Sea Island Legacy Fund on the memo line). Other donations in the form of stockRMDs from retirement accounts, property and non-traditional assets are also accepted-please call Paul White, President and CEO of the Coastal Georgia Foundation to discuss. 


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